DINAcon 2020 - The Digital Sustainability Conference

Friday, 29. October 2021 - Baloise Park, Basel

On 29 October 2021, decision-makers, developers, politicians and citizens will exchange views on how digital knowledge goods (data, content, software) need to be created and made accessible in order to create the greatest possible benefit for society and the environment.

For the fourth time, DINAcon offers a basis and space for discussion and the promotion of digital sustainability with selected keynotes, various sessions and the DINAcon Awards.

Price categories:
- «Community/Education» is the ticket for volunteers (associations like CH Open, representatives of communities, etc.) and students.
- «Private» is the ticket for the interested public and citizens.
- «Business/Government» is the ticket for employees of companies and authorities.


Friday, 29. October 2021, 08:30 o`clock
Description Quantity  
Community/Ausbildung (Online, Early Bird) each  CHF 20.00
Community/Education (on site, Early Bird) each  CHF 40.00
Business/Government (Online, Early Bird) each  CHF 120.00
Business/Government (on site, Early Bird) each  CHF 240.00
Private (Online, Early Bird) each  CHF 40.00
Private (on site, Early Bird) each  CHF 80.00
Community/Ausbildung (Online) each  CHF 40.00 from 02.08.2021 00:00
Community/Education on site each  CHF 80.00 from 02.08.2021 00:00
Business/Government (Online) each  CHF 240.00 from 02.08.2021 00:00
Business/Government on site each  CHF 480.00 from 02.08.2021 00:00
Private (Online) each  CHF 60.00 from 02.08.2021 00:00
Private on site each  CHF 120.00 from 02.08.2021 00:00



Baloise Park

4051 Basel